This is What 54 Looks Like?

This is what 54 looks like. 54 1/2 to be precise.

What does that mean?

I see woman post their bday pictures saying, This is What 68 looks like, bitch.

I don’t quite get it? Is there something wrong with being 68? or 54, for that matter?

And is there something wrong with being 68 (or 54) and looking old??? There’s a 16 year old kid, Joe, at my job who’s grandmother is my age.. She is from the old country and has lived a very hard life, including giving birth to 9 children and enduring poverty and pain. She and her late husband came to this county and worked their fingers to the bone, from very young ages, to provide better lives for their children and now grandchildren.

Joe has remarked that I look half his grandmother’s age. Perhaps, but I have had a very easy life. I am blessed and very, very privileged. I also have a friend at Clinique who gives me a lot of moisturizer samples.

Perhaps, when we look at Joe’s grandmother, we should say, This is What 54 looks like. And feel ashamed that we don’t carry the wrinkles and heartache that make that woman great.