Strong, Not Thin

Working at the restaurant, I’m running around all the time. I almost never sit still, throughout 12 hour shifts. Sometimes, my legs hurt at the end of the night. Each week, my arms can carry more and more dishes at once. When we’re short-staffed, I do dishes, run food, bus tables, seat guests, run up and down to storage, over and over. I’m physically tired by the end of the night.

Still, I’ve gained weight since I started. I’m definitely eating more – it’s just kind of what you do when you work at a restaurant, I guess. I’d thought that all the extra steps would balance out the extra calories, but they haven’t at all.

At my old job, I only sat. All day, sometimes 12 hours a day and more. Then, I’d come home and sit some more – reading, watching TV, taking a bath, and snuggling with my cat. My entire existence was just sedentary.

However, I weighed less. I never worked up an appetite (obviously!) and wasn’t really around food. Also, at my old job, I was simply too busy to eat. There just wasn’t time. At least, now, there is down time and I can have a meal. Also, the staff tends to eat together, which is nice and civilized and family-ish.

So, with all the many pluses of my current job AND the fact that I move so much more, which has to be healthier, I will take a few of a different kind of plusses – extra pounds. 🙂

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