Words for Tina on Compulsive Eating

I’m sitting down with Tina this week to see if I can help her – she’s really struggling. For guidance, I turned to my friend with really strong and solid 12 Step food recovery, Beth. The following are her words. If the word ‘God’ isn’t appealing or ocmfortable, use something else. One other thought from me, I rely on the intuitive feeling/thought – if something feels wrong (like, ‘maybe I’ll just have one more piece of this, even though I’m not really hungry]and warning signals are going off (like my body and mind are screaming ‘don’t’), I listen,

Here’s what Beth said:

If I’m not God guided, then I’m not free. It’s that simple.

If I’m not free then I think about the substitute for that Power/Love/Spirit/God which is food. I focus on food because I’m not present in the here and now (God conscious), so I have only my experience in the past to rely on. I don’t focus on the negative (pain) of compulsive eating; I want relief so I remember what food has done for me to give relief.

Even if I don’t physically engage, I continue to think about food because the problem centers in my mind.

No God, No Peace
No God, I feast.

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