Paring Down?

I am a pack rat, and there’s no getting around it. I have at least 10 of everything I deem important. Most of those things, apparently, are pens and lipsticks.

I just emptied my purse. Well – if you know me, you know I basically carry luggage. There’s pretty much at least one of everything in there. ANd I do mean everything. I could go on Let’s Make a Deal and take that show for all it’s worth.

After just dumping my purse, I looked at it’s contents and wondered why on earth I thought I needed all this? Is there a safety net in carrying two books (one hardcover!) and three magazines? Yes, when I lived in NYC and took the subway everywhere, it was nice to have some reading material. But now, I drive everywhere! No time to read…

Why 15 lipsticks?!!!!!! Yes, 15. Thirty pens!!!! And on and on.

I suppose it’s that old disease of More. I want more of anything and everything – food, booze, clothes, attention, affection, and yes, lipstick. More of anything and everything on the outside to make me feel better on the inside.

Perhaps the purse thing is just an old habit. I’m feeling pretty good these days. Maybe I can scale back on lip liner and know I’ll be fine.

So, I made the decision to be normal, to cut back. I bought a smaller (but not small at all) purse and started to fill it with about a fourth of what I usually carry. The poor bag is stuffed to the gills and I can hardly zip it.

Perhaps on this one, I’ll have to concede. Now, where’s my handy Samsonite?

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