Running on Fumes and Food

Tuesday night, for whatever reason, I could not sleep – not even a minute, if I remember correctly. Then off I went to a 12 hour day at the restaurant – a very busy, long and late day.

I was utterly exhausted all day and night.

Often, when so beat, my body confuses tired with hungry. If I’m tired all day, my body incorrectly tells me I need food, when what I really need, of course, is rest.

Usually when so tired, I clamp the reigns down tighter and follow a stricter food plan, so i don’t get confused. But for some reason yesterday, I just let go.

So, if my head said “hungry, need food”, I’d have a small snack. I nibbled throughout the day – typically NOT a good way for me to eat, but I left myself alone.

In the past, I would have freaked out that I was out of control and feared desperately that I’d never get back to my usual, happy way of eating. I also might have eaten A LOT, thinking this was the last time EVER to eat so freely.

But none of that happened yesterday. I now know that 1.) I’m fine no matter what and 2.) I’d be fine the next day, today. So, while I did snack way more than usual and I did eat some foods I regularly don’t – I was fine.

The best news – last night I slept a solid NINE hours (the definition of utter bliss!!!) I didn’t even get up to pee (nothing short of a miracle, right sis?)

I can’t remember the last time I have felt this rested and fabulous. And, of course, right back on track with easy, happy eating 🙂

I kept wondering yesterday – if I could eat like I did yesterday – easy, breezy, snacky throughout the day, with no consequences – weight gain or food obsession, would I prefer it?

I actually don’t know the answer and, frankly, I don’t really care. After all, it’s just food.

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