Plenty of Fish

Two good friends met their lovely husbands online – men so nice that even my friend’s kids adore them AND their kids. Both friends urged me to keep on trying a little longer.

So, I went on Plenty of Fish and, initially, it freaked me out. Within the first hour, I had over 60 messages! And the messages kept coming. Where to begin? What to do? Who are all these men?

The freakiest/creepiest part is that some of the messages proved pretty… freaky and creepy. I posted one picture of me pumpkin picking – who knew pumpkins were so suggestive? One guy flat out texted that he needed sex.

And evidently, there are also scammers, whatever that is? And how do you know who they are?

Many of the men wanted to set up a meeting instantly – “hey gorgeous, I live in your area, let’s grab a drink tonight.”

Question – does any woman reply ‘sure’ to that question? Question – how did my friends meet their nice husbands?

Wow, I thought, dating sure has changed. Where did all these creeps come from? Remember back in the day when you met a guy at a party, through friends, at a wedding….?

Oh wait, I just remembered all the guys I used to date, and all the guys who suddenly disappeared, were dating lots of others, just wanted sex…I remember one guy I went out with after chatting with him over a period of weeks at the library (the library!) He told me he could actually understand date rape – he, himself, found it hard to resist.

Sure there were good ones among them, but you still had to kiss an awful lot of frogs.

I guess dating (and men) hasn’t really changed, after all.

I always hated dating. Guess that hasn’t changed either!

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