Lack of Sleep

Martha Stewart apparently needs four hours of sleep a night. A good friend of mine doesn’t mind 3, and sometimes works through the night and and then just starts the day over. Even my brother functions just fine on 4 or 5.

NOT ME!!!! I got 5.5 last night and can barely write this post. For the past several nights, I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping, and it’s really starting to get to me.

I’m dragging my body around and whining about how tired I am. My fuse gets shorter; my laughter infrequent; and MOSTLY I tend to make mistakes. I’m not terrible focused or detailed to begin with, but when I’m tired – fuggetaboutit.

And of course, this intuitive eater starts to confuse hungry and tired. Fatigue used to terrify me – I’d get traumatized that I’d overeat. Insomnia scared me as much as anything I could imagine.

Back in the day, I had a very childish reaction to being tired. I’d either try my best not to do anything all day OR I’d complain bitterly and constantly that I was tired, assuming no one else in the world ever felt as badly as I did.

Today, it’s completely different. Today, I understand that no matter how I feel, I still have to function and (do my best) to function with grace. Just like the rest of the world.

And if my body constantly tells me it needs energy and wants to eat, I have two choices. I can either eat and deal with that OR I can tell myself I’m just tired and move on. No biggie.

Still, I hope I sleep well tonight. I’m curious how you guys deal with lack of sleep. Of course, if you’re someone who functions happily and easily on minimal hours, no need to write. 🙂

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