Why I Worried about Anthony Bourdain

When I heard that Anthony Bourdain died of an apparent suicide, the following thoughts came to mind. I, of course, know nothing about his death or its cause. This is just my own thinking:

The first time I learned about Anthony Bourdain was when I read his amazing book first book, Kitchen Confidential. At the time, I was so lost and fumbling careerwise and envied that one person could be a wonderful and successful chef and such a truly great writer. No fair – too much creative talent gifted to one guy!!!! I’ve since read all his books and re-read Kitchen Confidential several times – it’s so interesting and well-written. (And yes, OF COURSE, I envied that Bourdain could eat all the time and stay skinny. I know I get boring with this one – but that’s really how I rolled.)

Over the years, I thought about Anthony Bourdain a lot, because every day on my walk home from work, I passed the restaurant Les Halles where he got his start.

I also thought about Bourdain because we shared a common peril – addiction. Over the years, we both put down substance; however, a few years ago, I read an article where Bourdain mentioned that he’d started to drink ‘very moderately’ again, enjoying an occasional glass of wine with a great meal.

A red flag went off – most successful recovering addicts I know don’t drink. Most of us find it impossible to moderate both drugs and alcohol. Of course, I didn’t know Bourdain personally, but the revelation made me uneasy.

Recently, I read an interview with new discussing a new project, in which he planned to ‘eat and drink’ his way through some remote country.

I began to worry again. He’d gone from not drinking to the ‘occasional’ wine with a fancy dinner to drinking his way through the world.

I don’t know that this has anything whatsoever to do with his death, of course. But I do know that for the alcoholic/addict, drinking might well indicate an inner malady. And/or, it might lead us down a dangerous path.

I always admired Bourdain’s work and am really saddened by his death. Prayers for his family. May he Rest in Peace.

2 thoughts on “Why I Worried about Anthony Bourdain

  1. As always, I appreciate your point of view. I enjoy reading your words. Thank you for taking the time to write. Alcohol is a drug. Period. Addiction is a disease. Period. Those who are recovering from addiction must reflect daily on their choices. As a matter of fact, all people should reflect daily and monitor their choices. But we are human. So sad when people choose death over life.

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