Fat and Happy?

The actress Chrissie Metz of the TV show This is Us appeared on the Today Show this morning. She’s written a book, This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today, that is apparently giving hope and comfort to women of all shapes and sizes, at all phases of their lives..

That’s amazing! I would have loved to have read the book when I hated the person I was.

Ms. Metz seems really happy and together, as far as I can tell. Her career has taken off – she’s in s hit TV show, making movies, writing books, she’s happily married…Still, her body looked so, so…uncomfortable to me. Even my friend who has no body issues and never comments on anyone’s weight, mentioned that Metz looked really, really uncomfortable. She couldn’t quite sit properly in her seat, even though the show had taken out their regular chairs to accommodate her size.

She says she’s happy, and I have to believer her; however, it’s hard to imagine that their isn’t something underneath that desire to eat enough to maintain her size. In my case, it was pain and sadness. Once that healed through the Twelve Steps, I no longer had any wish to fill myself with more than I needed to keep my body healthy.

I wish Metz could find that solution and not need to eat to the extent that her body looks so uncomfortable. But perhaps I’m presumptuous and she IS perfectly happy and living a complete life with family, friends, fortune and fame. Perhaps my own experience prejudices me?

Any thoughts?

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