Food Tasting

More tales from my job at the restaurant.

Today, I worked with the guy who preps the salad bar. He taught me to test/taste everything to make sure it’s right.

Of course I had a moment! I don’t eat that way – I eat well-planned meals. When I’m hungry. AND, I had eaten a meal right coming to work – I’d heard it annoyed my boss when employees showed and immediately sat down to eat.

So. What could I do? Today’s training was to learn to prep the salad bar perfectly. My trainer wasn’t about to take “I’m not hungry” as an answer.

I want this job. Very much.

And so, I taste tested. I tried everything – the pasta for sesame noodles, the macaroni for macaroni salad, the three bean salad, the coleslaw, potato salad……….Note, that all of the above are things I don’t usually eat.

But this was work. It was today’s job. And so, taste I did.

Turns out, it wasn’t so bad. I ate small little bites – just enough to make sure each tasted right. I was fine.

After that, I went to learn to wash dishes – the restaurant doesn’t employ a dishwasher during the day. Don’t tell the boss, but I kind of had fun.

And then got way too busy to eat for the next many hours. It all works out.

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