Too Thin?

I work with a woman, Lynn, who is very,very thin. At first glance, I assumed she was anorexic. That was just an assumption, and I really don’t know her well enough to gauge. And according to Lynn, she eats quite heartily. Could be.

BUT, I can’t tell you how many women come into the restaurant and drool over Lynn’s tiny, tiny figure.

“What do you eat,” they ask her jealously while listening intently.

“Everything. Lots of junk food,” is her regular response.

“Oh, you’re so lucky”, coo our customers. “If only I could look like you.”

There’s also a young mother at work, Jess, who is desperate to lose the baby weight that’s not coming off. I think her husband is giving her a very hard time about it.

Jess is always querying Lynn – “what do you eat. what do you eat?” I want to tell Jess to stop, because something can’t be right. And instinctively I want her to leave Lynn alone.

Afterall, maybe Lynn IS suffering with anorexia, in which case, she shouldn’t be told her body’s ideal. OR, what if she has a medical issue she doesn’t want to discuss? Or, maybe she’s naturally skinny and would much rather be left alone.

Still, it’s so odd to me that so many women long pretty desperately to be THAT thin – so thin that it looks like you’re sick.

Why is that?

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