Liz’s Weight Gain

My friend, Liz, posted this on Facebook:

Do u ever look back on old photos when u thought u were fat but u really weren’t & now u actually are fat & wishing u were fat like back then?

Liz lived next door to me 10 years ago, when she was in her early 20s. Even tho she was pretty much half my age, we became great friends and hung out a lot. Liz was really mature, great company, super nice and yes, extraordinarily pretty.

Every single male we met (including kids, great grandfathers and even dogs!) fell in love with her. Quite understandable – she totally had something very special going on, inside and out.

I hadn’t been in contact with Liz for a long time, until she ‘friended’ me on Facebook not too long ago. She’s doing great. She’s running her own very successful business; she’s having a great time living near her beloved family; she has a lovely boyfriend; and the cutest puppy on earth.

And yes, Liz has gained weight. At first, I didn’t quite recognize her. She’s not fat, but the pounds have changed her features.

And yes, just like 10 years ago, Liz is beautiful. I am not saying “still” beautiful, even tho she’s not sylphlike these days. I refuse to equate beauty with slimness.

Liz’s Facebook post upset me for her and for all of us who now or ever believed it’s okay to hate our bodies because they’re not thin.

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