My Insides; Her Outsides

I just took a two day computer class. Computing – NOT my best (by a long shot!) or favorite subject.

The teacher, however, was terrific – so smart and funny and interesting AND accomplished. In my unemployed, unsure state, I found her kind of intimidating.

Not only does she train, but she also runs three highly successfully businesses, has a terrific marriage and the cutest one-year old baby (her screen saver.) I felt very tiny in her presence.

While giving funny examples to help us, we learned how much and how often she loves to eat and drink. In fact, she was entertaining clients after our session, that very night. Now, she’s pretty small especially for someone who eats a lot and very, very together and accomplished for someone who drinks as much as she says she does.

Yikes. I don’t have any businesses, no man, no babies and for God’s sake, if I ate like that, I’d be a mountain, and if I drank like she does, I’d be back in rehab.

“Harrumph”, I said to myself, while slouching out of Day 1

Day 2, today, our trainer isn’t there at 9. She shows, looking frantic and completely exhausted, 15 minutes late. And there’s a gigantic black and blue mark covering the entire right side of her face.

She begins her apology.

She’s newly pregnant and had been sick all morning. She’d hadn’t had time to cover the black and blue, which was caused by a horrible accident, when an 18-wheeler rear-ended her the week before. Still, this morning she was suffering from a terrible concussion, but thank God, the baby was fine, even though it had been touch and go for a while.

As for the drinking, she liked to joke about it, but her clients had laughed with her for having ‘mocktinis’ and she couldn’t actually eat anything, because she’d had so much trouble keeping food down.

Also, she was exhausted from traveling and just missed her son. And then she started to cry.

After she wiped her tears away, she proceeded to teach an outstanding class.

Lesson learned, Melissa. I can’t judge my interior against someone else’s exterior. We all struggle. And nothing is quite as it seems.

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