Take My Estrogen, Please

Grrr. Forgive me if this is TMI, but i have my period, and I’m quadrupled over with cramps. In an hour, I’m off to hostess at the restaurant where I’m working while job-hunting. Hope I’m able to stand up!!! AND, I couldn’t be crankier. Watch out patrons – better sit where I tell you! 🙂

I’ll be 54 in June. It’s a little embarrassing that I’m still menstruating, frankly. I should be complaining of hot flashes, not whining about cramps! I’m sorry, but when all your pubic hair is gray, you’re out of your child-bearing years!

I love my age – I sometimes get confused and say I’m 55 (see, I’m already very forgetful!) Dear Lord, take my estrogen please.

(FYI, I love hostessing and the restaurant I work at. I may be 54, but I’ve always preferred the job of a teenager!)

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