I’m Bloated – Who Cares?

Today, I went to visit a dear friend who just had back surgery. She’s in a fair amount of pain and seemed pretty uncomfortable.

Great friend that she is, she asked how I was doing now that I’m out of work.

“Well,” I told her “I’m really worried I’m gaining weight”.

I explained that mostly it’s because I’m just not stressed anymore. High anxiety took my appetite, and I had no time to eat anyway. Now, I’m relaxed with a lot of free time and I’m a lot closer to the refrigerator.

Also, I shared, everyone’s being so nice and making me dinner or buying me lunch. My neighbor invites me over for coffee and pastries every morning..

“Oh no!”, I exclaimed, “I’m going to get fat!!”

At that moment, my friend winced.

I looked over and saw the pain covering her face. I reached for her hand, and she squeezed.

“Shut up, Melissa’, I said to myself. Or, as my 12 Step hero says, “Get over yourself and go help someone else.”

And so I did.

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