Why I Respect Melanie Trump

The following is purely my opinion – obviously, I don’t know what someone else is actually thinking. Here goes;

In recent years some truly great, strong women stood by their husbands and threw themselves into their roles as First Lady – Barbara Bush, Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michele Obama. Each was whip-smart, highly educated and quite accomplished before they tirelessly devoted themselves to their husband’s campaigns and presidencies. Many put aside their own careers and agendas and took on the official ladylike responsibilities of the president’s wife. Some of the women didn’t look too pleased about it (again, only my opinion.) I think Barbara Bush didn’t want her husband to run a second time, and if you ask me, Mrs. Obama’s bags were packed shortly after arrival. However, no matter their own personal choices and preferences, they showed up and did as exactly as expected, whether they were happy or not.

For example Hillary Clinton. Hard-driving super-attorney Hillary Clinton had to play ‘ the girl’ and tolerate endless comments about her hair and clothing and make-up and figure. I remember her hostessing some official state dinner in a trendy, kind of sexy Donna Karan open shoulder gown. Reporters peppered her with questions about food choices and the silverware and candlesticks and the flowers. It was 25 years ago, but I still remember thinking she looked horrible out of place and out of her element. Why, just because she’s a woman, should she care about flower arranging?

I can only imagine that Mrs. Clinton was bored out of her mind, but she hostessed the heck out of those parties, with a big smile plastered across her face.

Mrs. Clinton also only took her husband’s last name once he began his presidential campaign. She’d been Hillary Rodham up until then, but was ocmpletely willing to change everything, including her identity, for her husband, the president-to-be.

Not Melania Trump. To me, it looks like she does what she wants. She stayed in New York for five or so months after her husband moved to Washington. She made the decision, she choose to allow her son to finish the school year in NYC. I can’t think of another First Lady who would even have considered having that option (again, my opinion.)

Mrs. Trump doesn’t seem to be doing anything she doesn’t want to do. She’s not gardening with children, or visiting sick folks in the hospital or reading to kids or anything. Who knows if her predecessors felt like doing all the charitable deeds that kept those very busy and smiling away? Maybe not.

Mrs. Trump doesn’t even pretend to like her husband – they look like strangers from different eras when they walk to an airplane, many steps apart. And you didn’t see Melania sitting next her husband on 60 Minutes denying his infidelities, while looking absolutely miserably uncomfortable.

I say, good for you Melanie Trump. You’re not twisting or turning or changing yourself to be a ‘lady’.

Perhaps Mrs. Trump is the true feminist!

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