I went to my brother’s house tonight – it’s a little haven where MSNBC runs 24/7, my brother is ALWAYS cooking something delicious, and the sweet dog, Bo, sits on my feet.

So there I am, Chris Matthew interrupting his guests; Cajun brisket stewing on the stove and Bo nuzzling my boot…, when I get a Facebook message from Michael, my crack dealer from 15 years ago. What? Yuck? and He’s Still Alive?

That man introduced me to drugs, stole ALL my money – over and over, destroyed my apartment and my life AND I was so madly in love with him I would have AND did do anything for him. Crazy madness. Terrible times. I can’t even believe I’m alive!!!!

Fifteen years and here he is on Facebook, wanting to make an amend. What do I do? My instincts tell me to stay away, don’t trust him, he’s nothing but trouble.

And yet, I was nothing but trouble and everyone accepted my amend. How can I not afford him the same opportunity that was so generously given to me?

Still, no. Just way too much damage done. Can and will never trust him.

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