A New Reaction to Stress

The last time I was out of work was 14 years ago, and I stayed unemployed for almost a year. I’d quit my job because I couldn’t function in the world. I did hard drugs instead. I also drank heavily and binged on junk food most days and all through the night.

What a horrible, terrified existence. My biggest fear was that I could never find or hold a job again and would never be able to support myself. I told myself I was nothing, useless, incompetent, stupid and lazy.

Once I put down substance and went through the 12 Steps, I got my life back – well, actually, I got a whole new life (hallelujah). And have been gainfully employed for the last 13 years.

Today, I find myself unemployed again, having quit my job. But it’s a whole new world. I am confident, excited and ready for a new opportunity.

Yes, there is some trepidation, but does that mean I have to drug or drink or eat ’til I can’ breathe? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Instead, I have to get to work!

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