You Still Look Good for Your Age

These are just some thoughts, musings and updates:

Since I pondered on blog about the comment, “You look good for your age,” three people have told me just that. And that was what – two weeks ago? At this rate, I should hear it at least 54 more times before the end of the year.

Also, I wondered at what age does that comment start? When do you stop hearing – you look good and start hearing – you look good for your age?

Now, I’m curious – when do those comments stop? At 85, do you hear that you don’t look a day over 79? Hmm. I hope to live long enough to find out, I suppose.

Also, an update on Lisa, the new woman at work. Yes, she does eat often and she certainly makes ‘truck driver’ choices (hello sub sandwiches and disco fries!), but I have noticed that she nibbles and grazes. And always has tons to take home for her dinner. She probably doesn’t eat quite as much as I first anticipated. I still like her very much, which is a delight.

And finally, does anything beat a lazy day which includes reading beside your cat, napping with your cat, taking a bubble bath while your cat lounges in the sink…eating a nice dinner and going to bed early (with your cat cuddled up against you, of course)? I think not 🙂

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