The Truth About Lisa

Yesterday, I wrote about my new co-worker’s ravenous appetite, yet skinny physique. And yes, you read some envy from me, a woman who has dieted strenuously her entire life just to stay average.

I have to laugh at myself and my ridiculous reaction, as though Lisa is the luckiest woman in the world simply because she can eat a ton and not gain weight.

Lisa has been through so much physically, emotionally and financially. I won’t share it all here, as some of you may know her. She is deep in the midst of re-building her life, and approaches it all with such grace. Given her circumstances, I wouldn’t show up with her great attitude or courage, trust me.

The woman NEVER complains and is grateful for everything. Now THERE’S something I should aspire to – NOT the ability to consume banana splits without splitting my pants!

She clearly gets a lot of pleasure from delicious food. I’m glad – she deserves some joy!!!!

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