Arming Teachers

Forgive me if you attended Clifton Public Schools and had a different experience; however, I was never too impressed with the teaching staff. Now that our government is suggesting arming our teachers, I’m a little disturbed. What on earth would Mrs Messing or Mrs Calvin have done with an uzi? Mrs. Gallagher, an extremely angry woman, surely would have welcomed the opportunity to pack heat, but nothing good could have come of that.

The furious teachers in my grammar school yelled so loudly and so often that my brother stuck pencil erasers in his ears to drown out the noise and was rushed to the emergency room. He was also so completely bored out of his mind that he transferred to private school, where he was thoroughly engaged and loved his education.

My sister transferred to private school for a better education. I ended up in private school because the teachers made me anxious and the kids bullied me.

When I returned to public school for high school, I almost never went (if you attended high school with me, you know I’m not kidding!) However, I was an honors student and graduated with great grades. And I’m not that smart (which I learned in college.)

Anyway, if our government does decide that the best way to keep our schools safe is to arm our teachers with assault rifles, please please, make an exception for Clifton.

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