You Look Good for Your Age!

Yesterday, I was (as usual) whining about menopause. (This time to my hairdresser.) But I added – what can I expect, I’m almost 54.

“NO”, she howled, looking astounded. “I would never have guessed you were out of your 40s. Wow, you look really good.”

Hmmmm. First of all, I do think I look my age, whatever that means, and I couldn’t care at all. If you guessed my age as 53, I’d be perfectly fine. Of course, what does 53 look like anyway? (And for that matter, what does it look like to still ‘be in your 40s’?)

At what age is it no longer a compliment to ‘look your age’? Certainly, everyone is happy with 18, right? And 21. I remember loving 23 – 26. I do, though, currently have a young friend who’s bummed about turning 27. 27!!!

I remember first lying about my age in my early 30s, when I wanted to date a 28 year old guy. I believe I shaved off a few years.

Not anymore – I’ll be 54 in June. It is what it is.

Going back to my hairdresser and her, “Wow, you look really good” Why does looking good equate with looking younger? How many times have we heard someone say, ‘she was a beauty when she was young’? Why can’t we be beauties at every age?

I’ve never been wowed by women who clearly try to look younger. I’m sorry Jane Fonda – to me, my grandmother was more beautiful at 80 than you are. (Just my personal taste. Every woman should do whatever the heck she wants. I just wish society was encouraging about loving our aging selves just as we are.)

So, when someone says – ‘WOW, you look great for your age’ – should we ask them to apologize? 🙂


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