The Age Gap; Dating

I have always assumed it’s easier for a man to age than a woman but don’t know if I’m right.

Certainly, in the world of dating, it sure looks cushier for the guys. How often do we see an older man with a younger woman? Take George Clooney. Before he married his wife, Amal, he dated a series of young starlet types. When he married Amal, everyone applauded his ‘finally age appropriate’ choice. However, Amal Clooney is still 17 YEARS YOUNGER than her husband. No one raised an eyebrow. Instead they praised him for skewing older!!!

Imagine, if a 50 year old actress dated men 20 plus years her junior (like George did pre-Amal.) COUGAR!!! I admit that I would assume it wouldn’t last. That the guy was just using her for her money and fame. Don’t we all know that no young guy wants a much older woman?!!

And yet, I assume that Amal married for love.

Donald Trump is 25 years older than his wife Melania. No problem. France’s president Emmanuel Macron is 25 years YOUNGER than his wife. It’s all you ever hear about when reading about them, particularly her. When she’s interviewed, she is asked over and over about the age gap. Does anyone ask Melania? No, in fact, most people assume she’s getting a little old for her husband’s tastes!

If you read my blog regularly, you may remember my conversation with my accountant who is exactly my age – turning 54 this year. When I looked at my taxes and joked that I need to find rich man, he said that I’d have to find a guy in his 70s, because all his rich single friends are looking for women in their 20s!!!!

I wonder why this is? Anyone have any ideas?

I would like to add that I have NO interest in a boy in his 20s or young man of 30; however, I don’t want to have to scout nursing homes for dates!

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