Is anyone else tired? I’ve had long days, sinus headaches, bad sleep and hot flashes.

Would anyone else like to just take a break? Could we crawl under the covers until winter is over (don’t get me started on not having power for a week!)

And yet I know so many people with soooo much energy. Many of the folks I work with come in at 3 am and work ceaselessly for at least 12 hours. And they’re fine! How do people function day after day after day with four hours of sleep? They all have families and lives….and they’re cheerful!!!!!!!!

Not me, I’m ready for a nap as I write this. And I’m NEVER cheerful on not enough sleep. I could, however, star in any number of zombie movies.

(I know my sister is reading this and is mouthing “exercise, Mel, exercise”.)

Is there else out there, even someone who eats well, exercises, loves their families and friends and still….feels hopelessly tired?

2 thoughts on “Tired

    1. Nikki: Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone!!!! I’m sleepy as I write this 🙂 One question for you – what DOES make you feel energized. When are you in the groove…? love, M


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