More on Aging

Per my last post about going gray, I guess I looked in the mirror yesterday and my long bouncy hair seemed wrong on my wrinkling aging face. Like when an older person with a smooth lifted face has super wrinkly hands. I’m simply not 30. or 40. or even 50 anymore.

And that’s fine. I am who I am.

A naysayer in my head tells me my age is a serious problem, because I’m single. Men want young stunning women, the voice screams. Will I take myself out of the game if I go gray and stop caring so much about the way that I look?

And yet, I haven’t meant anyone while blonde and bouncey, or even…younger, soooooooooo what’s the difference?

Truth is I’ll be 54 in June, and I have absolutely earned every gray hair and wrinkle and laugh line. Might as well embrace them.

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