Eat, Eat, Eat and be Thin

I know I complain about this regularly, but – did you read my last post? The hatred of fat is everywhere. Fat people face humiliation each and every day, everywhere we go. (I’m not currently fat, but I react like a once and formerly fat woman.)

But with all the fat phobia, why is the world a food temptation? The Food Network cooks all day, telling us to cook and EAT and eat and eat. We embrace Thanksgiving, Christmas and, most recently, the Super Bowl face-stuffing. Everything revolves around food – let’s be honest.

Yet, it’s all well and good to eat and eat and eat, but don’t we dare get fat!!!! Then we’re pariahs.

For most of my life, this confused the hell out of me – a woman who is as far from naturally thin as I am to the moon.

Still does

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