Double Standard

For years, I have had an innocent crush on a very happily married man. He’s pretty chunky, sports an odd haircut, and stands a few inches shorter than I. BUT he’s so smart, kind, and talented and has the best sense of humor. If he were single, he’d be perfect for me. And I know a bunch woman who feel the same.

However, I don’t see that happening with woman – where groups of men chase smart, funny women with subpar looks.

I hate the double standard. In my last facebook post, I referenced stunning Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and the terrible work she had on her once gorgeous face. She looked weird and frozen. Her co-host, chef Tom Colicchio is paunchy and aging naturally. (Still, of course, I think he’s pretty cute.)

It really bothered me, for some odd reason. i have no attachment to Padma Lakshmi. But it made me so sad, she’s only 45 and just drop-dead beautiful. Why would she feel the need to mutilate herself?

I wanted to write her a letter and tell her to stop the fillers and to love herself as she is. (However, I was also tempted to tell her to call Jennifer Anniston’s or Julianne Moore’s doctor. Do I only mind ‘work’ when it’s bad work?) No, I think it’s weird that Jennifer Anniston is a ocuple of years younger than I but could easily pass for my daughter.

Why aren’t women supposed to age?

Sorry if this post is disjointed. I’m just writing out loud.

2 thoughts on “Double Standard

  1. I think there are a lot of men who actually are attracted to unconventional looks and body types, but society has made them so fearful of what other “dudes” will think they stick to what is norm. I can say this because so many men shorter/smaller than me (hundreds I would say) have told me how attractive i am to them but they could NEVER date me. That is not a compliment, it’s actually quite hurtful, but says more about their lack of living their true selves, in my humble opinion. But this is what I am up against in been “too” in too many categories!!!


    1. Maria; What a great point!!!! I hadn’t even thought about it this way. Thank you for writing. Wow, I am going to keep thinking about this for a long time. As for those men, what a bunch of cowards!!!


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