Sadness seems like a hard one for many people. It’s really painful. Many people seem able to handle anger. I can get mad and resentful and self-pitying and frustrated – all very easily. And almost happily, in my case. Self-righteous could have been my middle name, back in the day.

But sad hurts. And sometimes there’s just really nothing to be done about it. It’s human and real to be blue when life brings..sadness. I can’t wish it or will it away. I have to accept it and, in my case, without trying to push it away with substance. It never worked anyway – I’d just end up grossly full or hungover and still sad.

By trying to obliterate it, it just gets pushed further and festers. I find that through accepting the pain, I can begin to heal. But I have to take the first brave step -let myself experience the pain.

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