The Intrigue/Danger of Weight Loss

I recently wrote about the time in my 20s when I lost a lot of weight after dealing with mono, tonsillitis, strep throat and wisdom tooth extraction – all in succession. The weight loss earned rave reviews, from friends, relatives, strangers and especially men.

I began to believe that staying thin was everything. Quickly, it became all I cared about and valued – my primary purpose. And I absolutely went to any lengths to keep the weight off, with disastrous consequences to me and my health.

Recently, with tonsillitis and flu, eating hurt and made me nauseous. I know I’ve lost some weight – can tell in my clothes. And yes, the thought does come to mind, “ah, isn’t this nice. How can I maintain it?”

I know exactly how I could maintain it – living on tea and chicken broth and ice cubes.

Looks like I’ll be gaining the weight back!!!!! 🙂

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