To Taste

It took a few days for taste to come back. I dearly missed things like the first delicious sip of morning coffee. Instead, it seemed like bitter, burning water. One night, I went out with friends and ordered my favorite rare prime rib, which resembled slightly flavored rubber.

After the first day when I ate too much (see last post), in hopes of tasting something, I gave up and just ate my regular portions of nourishing food. Still, it was surprisingly disappointing. I truly had no idea how much flavors factored into my eating.

Now that I can taste again, I am way more appreciative of how nice it is to enjoy food. As I said in my last post, I didn’t realize how much it meant to me – I thought I ate only for fuel and nourishment. Of course, I knew I didn’t chose foods I don’t like – liver, fishy fishy, smelly cheese – but I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed foods that I do.

Nice to know. Uhm, maybe I’m more normal than I thought? lol

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