Not being able to Taste

I ate more than usual because, with my sickness, I just couldn’t taste anything. Or if I could taste it, it seemed bad or off.

I kept trying to find things that I could taste and that tasted good. I did experience very spicy foods, but they scorched my raw swollen tonsils on their way down.

So, I kept trying and nibbling and sampling until, finally, I’d consumed way more than I do in my usual day.

How odd to me! Prior to yesterday I would have told you that I 100% eat from hunger alone. Food is fuel and nourishment – end of story. I prefer not to eat foods I actually dislike, but that would be my only stipulation

I didn’t realize how very much taste was part of the experience. Interesting. And how much lack of taste would affect how much and what I ate.

Today, everything still seems flavorless or ‘off’, but I am going to eat my usual way and just not mind that I can’t taste it. My body does need fuel and nourishment and as always, today I will provide it with both


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