The Steps or Other Options for Overcoming Overeating?

I believe in the 12 Steps, when practiced precisely as prescribed, as the answer to addiction 100 percent.

In my own case, and in the case of countless others, the Steps are the ONLY process that truly works. Most of us have tried a zillion other ways to moderate or put down drugs, alcohol, food, gambling…without success or at least without long-term success.

Still, I come across a lot of people in OA who can’t quite ‘get it’ for any amount of real time. I don’t know if it’s because we can eliminate drugs and alcohol from our lives, but we still have to eat? Or maybe it’s because food is so integral to our existence and history and family life?

I don’t know the answer, but I have thought about trying a different approach with these women. Perhaps more of a coaching/counseling approach, with ongoing support and more conversation. And patience!

But when I really think about it, I know in my heart and gut that it just doesn’t work. It is my belief that if we are to be truly free of whatever monkey clings to our back, the Steps are the only way out from under.

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