More Better

In my last post, I wrote about my friend, Karen, who is just about the loveliest and least materialistic person I know.

I am hoping to be more like Karen, to the best of my ability. Sooo, Karen never spends money frivolously – it just doesn’t make sense to her. Time for me to cut cut out the blow outs, do my own nails, tweeze my own eye brows, get fewer highlights….Generally, I need to spend way less on ‘beauty’. That should be…challenging. But, if I want to be like Karen….And to have savings – like Karen….

However, of course, being like Karen really has NOTHING to do with a beauty regime – or with anything external – it’s all about what’s on the inside. That’s what makes Karen, and others wonderful folks like her, beautiful. So, while I may think it’s important to spend less time on making myself look better, it’s a zillion times more important to work on making myself BE better.

To be like Karen, I have to be more patient, tolerant, kind and loving. AND GIVING OF MYSELF AND MY TIME – that’s a tough one for me. By nature, I am all about me. But, that’s not who I want to be. I aim to be less materialistic and more altruistic.

It looks so easy for Karen. Hmmm, probably not so easy for me!

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