My dear friend Karen performed with her amazing choir today. Before the concert, I met Karen at her house. She looked beautiful in her black choir gown and pearls, all offset by her blonde waist-length hair and glowing smile.

When I arrived, Karen was still getting ready. For the first time since her wedding several years ago, Karen decided to wear a little make-up. Unfortunately, she doesn’t own mascara.

With serious doubt, Karen asked me if I might have mascara in my purse, assuming of course that I didn’t. As she looked down resignedly, I handed her three.

Karen laughed. “I just don’t care about my appearance”, she said. “I’m only concerned about what’s inside.”

And so she does. Whether she’s visiting her elderly mother (several times a day), or helping the aged, or single-handedly keeping her church running, Karen is always doing good. She’s a wonderful mother, wife, sister, friend…….. She’s truly about the best person I know.

Her inner beauty shines thru. Everyone loves her. And with or without eyeliner, Karen has a fantastic marriage to a wonderful man. They love each other madly and dearly.

I may have a lot of cosmetics, but I don’t have what Karen has. Something to work on.

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