It has been pointed out to me numerous times by numerous people that I worry a lot. Uh, I believe I was told that I worry too much. As my friend said to me, and it truly hit home, “you like to worry don’t you, Mel?”

This morning, staring at my perfect, happy and playful kitty, I worried that she’s gained weight. I fear that with her bad eye, she’ll eventually go blind. I’m deeply troubled that I leave her too much during the week. And wonder endlessly if she’d be more or less happy with a playmate……..

Lately, that has been the way I’ve been approaching EVERYTHING! yikes.

But worry is useless, it gets NOTHING done. It solves nothing. Such a waste of time, particularly as mostly, everything works out just fine whether I stress about it or not. Instead of worrying, why don’t I, for example, remind myself that Rebecca will be going to the vet soon, anyway, and I can have a good chat with her beloved doctor about all my questions? Now, that’s useful thinking! Staring at her belly is getting me nowhere.

However, I do wonder why I’ve been worrying so much lately? Time to look at that and let it go. And as always, it’s time to take action.

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