Fancy Restaurant

Tonight, I went to an event at a famous, extraordinary restaurant with a dear friend. Hoping to be hungry and to really enjoy delicious food, I barely ate all day.

But before we arrived, I was too hungry to wait for dinner and ate a half a granola bar which filled me.

We sat down to dinner and they brought out some appetizers. I had a couple of pieces of calamari and a salad. While we waited for our entrees ( a very very long time), I ate a little bread with butter.

The company was great and it was a terrific event all around. I sat with my dear, wonderful friend. And we made new friends around the table – I’m sure we had the best seatmates of all! I could not have asked for a nicer group of people.

Our food arrived – sizzling and gorgeous. Everyone at the table agreed that I’d picked the best entree of all. Agreed!!!

However, I wasn’t actually hungry anymore. I took a nibble on the perfectly marbled ribeye and put down my fork. It WAS perfect, but I wasn’t hungry.

So, I brought it home.

Meanwhile, I made new friends, laughed my heart out and participated in a truly meaningful event.

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