Food Pushing

Cranky post alert! Is it too cranky? Here goes:

How often, each day, do I turn down food? Why is it so hard for some folks to hear ‘no’ and actually accept it? Do they think I’m secretly famished and just playing coy?

Generally, I do believe most people mean well. To most normal peeps, food IS love. It’s in our DNA to feed and nourish – our families and friends and those in need. Sharing the gift of a meal is an absolutely beautiful thing.

I also believe that some people push food in a disordered way. I know women with their own issues who are always offering, offering, offering. That’s like me when I was anorexic – wanting everyone else to eat what I didn’t ever allow myself. A friend of mine goes to a restaurant, takes one bite and tries to give the rest of her order to everyone else.

But whatever the reason, if I say ‘no’, it means I’m not hungry or don’t want to eat or, even, am not interested in what you are offering. It means, for example, that I don’t want your Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, lunch leftovers, if I’ve already declined them 3 or 4 times. Sometimes, I wondering if people are listening – I said “no thank you, but thank you” sooo many times.

I’m not trying to offend or hurt any feelings, and I really, really don’t want to be rude. I’m probably just not hungry.

I like when people respect that.

Forgive me if I sound cranky, but sometimes it gets tiring being gracious.

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