Hoping not to Offend…

To everyone reading;

Here on this blog, I aim to write the truth, as it occurs to me. Sometimes, I’m sure, I offend or trouble or disappoint. And sometimes, I think to censor myself or hold back, but I choose not too, because it’s really just my point of view.

I worried with my last post that my contemplation of weight loss might work against the efforts of someone trying to allow her body to be. Were my words a betrayal? Did they seem to contradict my own efforts to be comfortable with my body wherever it landed naturally?

Still, it’s where I’m at at this moment with my body, mind and spirit.

I’m pretty sure my desire to be smaller again is about physical comfort. I don’t think I looked bad with more weight – no one seemed to notice when I went up or down. But I really felt uncomfortable with extra stomach and bigger boobs and so decided to see what eating less looked like. If I were hungry and felt deprived, I would have added food back in. But I wasn’t.

If my words do bother anyone, I am always interested to hear! I hope to be helpful and real. And I am ALWAYS open to critique.

Thank you,

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