Eating Less

So, I started this blog last year when I gained 10 pounds out of the blue, at 52. I wasn’t eating differently – not more, nor less – but suddenly, here were ten new pounds.

I won’t lie – I wasn’t thrilled. I’ve spent an awful lot of decades trying to find a place where my body could rest comfortably. For about the past 13 years, it’s been in one place, give or take a few lbs. I loved that. I had an easy, free way of eating and an easy and free (and happy)approach to food, my body and the weight it carried.

Then, suddenly, age and menopause and whatever else approached and that easy, breeziness kind of took a hit. Where did these (I admit it) unwanted ten come from? What should I do?

I decided to let it go, let it roll and see what happened naturally. Without any changes, the ten took hold and made themselves at home on my boobs, stomach, hips and thighs.

Again, I decided to let it go and live with it and accept the new me. That was fine.

Then, the seasons changed one more time and my clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t really have the money to buy new ones. AND, to be perfectly honest, I was much more comfortable in my old body. Physically. (I particularly HATED the new huger boobs that popped out of all my bras. Bras, by the way, that were leaving big red gashes on my shoulders.)

So, I decided to see what would happen if I cut back on food. Would I be hungry? Resentful? or ?

Turns out, none of that happened. I can easily eat fewer calories AND get the nutrients I need. I’m not any hungrier, have the same energy and feel really good.

I don’t resent that, now at 53, less food fills me, particularly as I prefer to eat to hunger and to stop when satisfied. I just had to get used to it, which took a minute and then became a habit. As I never want food to take on some exciting value other than nourishment, this new approach works just fine.

My body does feel better. I haven’t weighed myself, but can tell that I”m lighter. My clothes are fitting more easily AND the hideous boob pop is lessening.

Best of all, in this holiday season, I can spend money on gifts for other people and not on new clothes for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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