On David Cassidy, Fat Shaming and Gratitude

Sad loss of David Cassidy. I can truly understand addiction AND the horrors it brings with it. Doesn’t seem like he had much serenity in this life. May he rest in peace.

I had such a crush on him in his Partridge Family days. And I sure wished I were a part of THAT family. It looked ideal.

Mostly, I wanted to BE Laurie Partridge. She looked perfect and pretty and popular AND, best of all so thin. Fat Me was sure that if I looked like Laurie Partridge, my life would be perfect.

Of course, years later we learned that the actress who played Laurie, Susan Dey, suffered severely from anorexia. And beautiful David Cassidy battled hard alcoholism for most of his life.

Appearances aren’t what they seem. It’s impossible to honestly compare my insides to someone else’s outsides.

Speaking of appearances, I have a sponsee who recently lost 90 pounds, and she feels fantastic. The other day, she wore form fitting jeans to a party. Now, she’s not skinny, but who cares? Apparently, some people. My sponsee overheard someone saying of her, “why would she wear such tight jeans? Doesn’t she know they make her look fat?”

I don’t even know what to say about this. I’ll try, but I am pretty clueless here. You guys are going to have to fill in all the blanks. But I will say, my sponsee’s husband thinks she looks hot. And so do I! Screw haters. Enough said.

Finally, I have been grumpy and cranky lately. And yes, I’m not in a loving relationship. And yes, my car is going to cost me my entire bonus that was earmarked for other stuff. And yes, I was in a fender bender with my mechanics BMW today…

BUT, it’s a very cold and windy night and I’m home with my beloved kitty. We’re both warm and safe. That’s a luxury for many. I have dear friends. My health. I have plenty.

I have a job and I GET a bonus, which will cover my car. No one was hurt in the fender bender, and my mechanic was nice about it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m filled with gratitude for all the many blessings bestowed upon me.

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