Hunger or Plan?

I’ve covered this before, but still find this question interesting. To eat when hungry or to follow a strict meal plan?

In a way, I kind of do both. I do my best to eat only when my body signals hunger, but when I do eat I stick to foods and amounts that are very comfortable for me.

But if I’m not hungry, I don’t eat and don’t want to eat. Sometimes, I have to eat when I’m not necessarily hungry – a client lunch, a holiday meal, an impromptu meal with the boyfriend’s parents… But otherwise, I just don’t.

I do work with many women who follow a clear food plan that tells them exactly when and how much to eat. And to eat no less and no more.

This works – all the worry about when and what and how much to eat is resolved. And, I have to remember, nearly everyone gets hungrier than I do. I’m a sloth – I probably burn fewer calories than a lawn ornament. -) So, most of the women i know ARE hungry when they eat their prepared meals.

I respect how my sponsees eat, and it works for them. Still, I often have a moment when a woman says that she was so busy and tired and not hungry that she forgot to eat her snack. And she perceives that as bad and a mess-up with her food plan.

My first thought is – but that’s a normal, healthy approach. Normal women who are busy and tired and not hungry would rather just skip the meal and/or go to bed.

However, I do know – we are NOT normal. And whatever works, works. I salute that, embrace and encourage each individual to find and do what’s best for her.

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