More on Weight Gate

Yes, I’m glad to see Chris Christie go. However, I am so sick and tired and pissed about all the fat jokes that came with his governship and continue to this day.

My usually kind friend, Jim, said the governor should now go join the circus, as a fat Pennywise the clown. That would make him even scarier than the original, right?

The comment made my skin crawl. Why is fat scary? Why is fat funny?

When in doubt, Christie haters could call him a fat fuck and feel relief. Why, when most everything else is off limits, are fat jokes still okay?

I suppose prejudice of any kind is wrong, but especially here. Let’s say I, a Jewish woman, dislike all Neo Nazis as a whole. Well, that at least makes some kind of sense.

But how many legions of fat people tried to slaughter an entire race? What did a fat person ever do to you, Jim?

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