Inundation: Food

I’m contemplating a post about how we’re constantly bombarded with food; Restaurants fill every other store in my neighborhood, there are ads for meals and snacks every other second on my television; a whole Food Network, aisles and aisles of cookbooks in Barnes & Noble….

Food; it’s everywhere. Eat, eat, eat. Cook, cook, cook. Bake, bake, bake.

Feed your family, treat your friends, treat yourself…

Food, food, food.

Think about it – while you’re watching tv, how many ads for food do you see? Delicious, ooey, gooey, pretty, enticing.

How many restaurants are in your neighborhood?

How many aisles in your supermarket offer every kind of food imagineable?

And yet, of course, we’re supposed to be thin.

My friend promised me that if I exercised a lot, one big benefit would be I could eat a whole lot more.

Well, I truly have no interest in eating more.

I would love to have an interest (any interest at all!) in exercising. It’s vital for health. AND, I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind jiggling less.

But I have no desire to eat more – unless, of oourse, I’m really hungry.

A huge plethora of food worked in the old days, when we toiled on the farm and in the fields all day. We needed amble sustenance to survive.

Now, my colleagues and I drive to work, sit on our butts, drive home, sit at our computers, watch our televisions, on our cellphones and head to bed.

Sure, some of us fit in exercise, but I doubt it’s enough to incorporate all the…food.

No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic.

P.S., follow up to yesterday’s post. I went to my meeting last night. About 40 people. Only one truly overweight – a man with a dangerous thyroid disorder.

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