Is Our Nation Fat?

Our nation is fat. Obesity is an epidemic. That’s what everyone says.

I suppose I take that for granted, but actually, I don’t know a lot of fat people (whatever ‘fat’ is.)

I know plenty of people who think they’d look better carrying 10 or 15 fewer pounds, but I don’t consider them ‘fat’.

I’m attending a meeting tonight. Most of the 40 people there are average weight. I can’t really think of one truly ‘overweight’ person. Again, there are some who would like to lose a few, but fat – no.

At my job, there is one really heavy person. Out of maybe 20. If you include all the outside salespeople, there is still only one.

Growing up, I was the only fat one. My father, mother, brother and sister were slim, as were my cousins.

In my current circle of friends in New Jersey, everyone’s pretty average. (Again, some might prefer to carry 10 pounds less but again – fat – no!)

At a bbq yesterday, same stats.

Am I missing the epidemic?

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