My Truth About Food

I believe it is vitally important to know our own truth about ourselves and food. I have friends from my 12th Step Fellowship who never ever eat sugar or white flour or processed foods. They commit what they are going to eat each morning and weigh and measure every ounce they consume.

They are delighted with this approach. They are clear with what they are going to eat each day and then they get on with their lives.

I work with many women who stick to this approach and others who follow some combination of the above and still others who eat like I do – no hard and fast rules – but still following our own truth.

When I first started to get well, I ate 3 meals a day and nothing in between. I tried my best to eat normal-ish meals and sometimes ate more and sometimes ate less. But I never beat myself up about it.

Once I got used to eating just three times a day, I was able to figure out precisely what works for me. Having been on some kind of diet most of my life, I could really discern a normal portion. For breakfast, I ate some protein, a small carb and a fruit. For lunch and dinner = some protein, vegetables and a small carbohydrate. It worked for me.

I also made sure to be present at meals – i didn’t read or space out. If I was eating with others, I paid attention to conversation and tried to add value or to just listen well. I’d note my surrounding, what people were wearing, what hung on the walls…

Throughout the process, I never lied to myself. I didn’t pretend that a giant baked potato was a small carb; the hungry man burger was not ‘some’ protein and a whole canteloupe didn’t serve as one fruit. I also never consumed unlimited veggies. Nothing in excess.

These days, after many, many, many years, I don’t really follow any rules, except for the truth. Sometimes, if I’m hungry, I will eat small bites through out the day. But truly small bites. Two saltines can well be sufficient.

Most importantly, of course, I faced what was underneath that CONSTANT desperation to stuff my face with food. And then, of course, there was no need for mass quantities of food.

For those of us who used or use food as the solution to all our problems, we must face the problems and find true solutions. And then food’s just good old food again.

And that’s my truth

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