A Day In Bed

I woke up with the worst cramps that I can remember. Well, I think they were this bad in high school (before the invention of Advil) but it’s been four decades….

So, I decided to spend the day in bed. (It’s Saturday.)

I had a million things I’d planned to do today – and plenty of them seemed like they really absolutely needed to get done.

Tough. I firmly planted myself in bed.

Every time I thought I should get up, I asked myself, why? Why not just lie there, snoozing and daydreaming and taking more Advil.

Plus, I have the best little heating pad – kitty Rebecca curled into my belly and purred up a storm. She gets it – nothing wrong with napping all day!!!!!

It’s 6:30 pm, and my dumb brain is telling me to do something productive – go to the grocery store, throw in some laundry – at the very least, head to the bookstore!

Nahhhhh, I’m going back to bed. πŸ™‚

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