Stress and Food

I know I’ve mentioned that this hasn’t been my favorite month. I am dealing with stressful stuff on multiple fronts.

However, I’m still amazed (and always will be) that none of this makes me want to eat. It doesn’t occur to me. Quite the opposite, actually, (which totally astounds me) I have no real desire to eat at all. Because I am troubled!!! That’s so wild. Me, a woman, who couldn’t STOP eat for decades…!!!

Today, I found myself having to force down crackers, because i knew I had to eat, BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO. I was telling this to my best friend from childhood, Frank, and he – a 100 % normal eater – feels exactly the same way when he is stressed!!!!

Now, I will never, ever, ever call myself a normal eater – I’m not that crazy However, because of the 12 Steps, I know the truth about food and me — it’s got to be fuel and nothing else.

I am also amazed that even though I’m struggling, I’m still okay. I realize I’ll get through it. AND I KNOW THAT I HAVE IT BETTER THAN SO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH. Most people would dream to have just my problems.

I love this one – if I had to put all the problems in the world into a bowl, wouldn’t I pray to pull mine out. Yes, indeed!!!!

I have dear friends who are very ill. I have dear friends who have lost those closest to them. There are women on this planet who aren’t allowed to show their ankles.

I’ll take my problem please, and hold the hot fudge.

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