Too Thin

I’ve mentioned an acquaintance, A., who is the founder of one of the most successful gyms/workout methods in New York City. Her career exploded after she had several children and then developed a method to whip her body back into shape.

And in shape she is!!!

But when I look at her she looks too thin – not quite right for her frame. I know she must be very strong, but she’s just really thin – you know, where one’s head looks too big for their body. And clothes kind of hang.

A is also a member of a 12 Step Fellowship. All her sponsees sort of look like her – blonde and wan.

I commented on that to a male friend who knows her. His response – yes, she’s too thin, but most women want to look just like her.

Then he said that she found a way to fight her body into submission and has made it her life’s work to show other women how to spend long, hard hours getting their bodies down to an unnatural size. Almost like a punishment.

I thought that was interesting.

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