Update on Hope and Lisa

I’ve been writing about my friend, Lisa, and her ten year-old daughter, Hope, who has an alleged weight problem.

As I’ve said over and over, Hope looks just fine to me – not skinny, but not overweight (whatever that means!) at all.

Hope keeps having meltdowns about her weight/body. I asked Lisa if it’s because other kids tease her or if she just compares herself to other girls and comes up short (well, fat.)

Lisa says it’s both. That Hope has been called ‘fat’ four times in the last year, but mostly she sees the other skinny kids and hates her own body.

Hope wants desperately to diet, but Lisa refuses, steadfastly. Lisa insists that they eat very healthfully and nothing is going to change – end of story.

Still, Lisa is torn apart watching Hope suffer and doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing. Yesterday, she asked me if she’s setting Hope up for an eating disorder, by not allowing her to diet.

No, I believe that she’s doing the completely right thing – telling Hope she’s perfect the way she is and continuing to serve healthy meals. If Lisa did hop on the diet bandwagon and restrict Hope’s food, then we’d be talking potential ED.

So hard for a mother to know what to do.

Side note; I was such a fat kid – I would have given anything and everything to be Hope’s size. How completely horrifying that even a normal weight now isn’t good enough. And remember – she’s only TEN!

Crazy world.

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