These Times

Things really do seem bleak with hurricanes and wild fires and North Korea and the political state of our great nation.

On a personal level, so many people dear to me are going thru really rough stuff – cancer, children with heroin addictions, horrible break-ups…

My best friend, Frank, and I ‘joke’ that it’s the End Times. Is it a joke? The world is not what it used to be.

Are we living a dystopian novel? Or – dystopian non-fiction?!

I don’t think so, but I also didn’t expect to see Miami under water. Did you?

I feel pretty blessed right now, thinking about all the displaced people and animals around our country. It hard to stop worrying about the elderly in nursing homes in Florida.

I suppose the only thing to do is to help as much as I can – to donate money and any requested items. I wish I had room to take in displaced animals.

Things just don’t feel the same as they used to. I’ve always been relatively lazy. I think it’s time to become more vocal and more active.

A different time – a new chapter.

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